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6 Tricks For Better Beauty Sleep

I’m no doctor, but I AM a believer in the positive power of beauty sleep! Of course the first step to a successful night’s sleep is comfort!! So, start your sleep mission with getting cozy and finding your Ahh moment with one of my new, sleepwear styles. Here are 8 tricks I love for a […]


Rhonda’s Social Media Q&A

Last week I asked my Facebook and Twitter family to comment with any long-awaited questions they might have for me! The response was awesome, and I’m so happy I can finally answer some of them, here on my blog. Stay tuned, because there may or may not be a video coming soon, with the rest […]


Top 5 Granny Panties You Need Right Now

In case you missed it, we are bringing #GrannyBack this month! With the growing popularity of the ultra-sexy garment, it seemed appropriate to give some special deals on the hottest style around! After all, we know that more (panty) is better! Shed those uncomfortable excuses for underwear (aka thongs), and slip into the top 5 […]


What’s New On

In addition to bringing #GrannyBack this month, I’ve added some new styles based on what some of you have told me! I’m always listening when shoppers voice their wants and needs in women’s apparel, whether it’s a top or a bottom, a bra or a panty. Here are some of the new arrivals, I’d love […]


Soak Up What’s Left Of Summer

Summer’s end is nearing, and that means it’s time to make sure you’ve soaked up all the glorious indulgences that the season has to offer! For me, it’s the little things in life that bring the most joy. Movies at home, good food and drinks, or spending time with family, that’s where the fun is! […]


Rhonda Remembers: Working With Jon Stewart 

On this memorable day, marking Jon Stewart’s final showing of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, I couldn’t help but dig up some memories! It was go-time for a lot of young comics, including myself and Jon Stewart! It was the late 80s/early 90s and the MGM Grand would soon be named the World’s Leading Casino by […]