Monthly Archives: September 2012

Loving Leggings!

I must admit that my adoration for leggings quickly became an obsession once I experienced the RS High Waisted Shaping Leggings… It was a miracle! Being a curvy lady myself, I seemed to always have an issue with the natural waistline of most leggings cutting into my sides and giving me terrible muffintops…


Dress for your Body Type!

Ever wonder how to dress for your shape and body type? Here are a few tips and tricks that focus on the Petite Frame, and how to elongate your body to make you look longer and leaner. Just because you are not “model” height, does not mean you can’t appear to be!

Classic Chameleon

What do you crave most in your closet?

A. Is it choices?
B. Is it versatility?
C. Is it diversity?
D. Is it all of the above?