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Puppy Love: Confessions of an Up All Night MamaDog

Nothing on the planet can make me smile more than my 4 doggies Chicky, Tiki, Sweetie, and my newest baby, Lexie! Here are just some of the things I love- and live with- being MamaDog to my 3 chihuahuas and a yorkie….I hope you enjoy!


My Year-Round Wardrobe Secret Weapon!

As young women, we are trained by fashion magazines and celebrities that your wardrobe should be changed with the seasons. However, when you live in arbitrary weather as I do and are on a budget as most of us are, that usually isn’t feasible.


Shape Shifters!

Apples and Pears and Hourglasses, oh my! …. sounds like the start of a sangria recipe…As women our “shapes” are always changing, things get bigger, smaller, lower, rounder, flatter, etc, etc, etc. I keep finding things in my closet that looked awesome, not so long ago, but seem like outrageous wear-in-public options now. So how do we keep track


After 26 years apart, we were married in 15 days!

“If you really love me, you’ll eat this leaf…” He ate half… and had an allergic reaction… “Keep the other half forever, if you really love me” I demanded coyly. I was 12, he was 13, and we were in love! We dated through most of high school, and then things started getting complicated.


Love Muffins, Hate Muffin Tops!

As a curvy girl I have always battled the dreaded muffin tops, and finally just started making my own shapewear that is comfortable, allows me the occasional muffin without the side effects, and has fun fashion colors!


It is hot in here… or is just me?

Ladies, I hear ya!!! Summers here in South Florida are no joke… whew! Here are a few easy tips to keep you cool and comfortable this summer- wherever you are! -Freeze grapes and pop them into wine instead of ice! Your drink will be chilled, but not watered down! -Put crushed ice and a little […]