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I love adding sizzles to everything from kisses, to panty drawers, to the kitchen! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes, cooking stories and party ideas right here in Rhonda’s Kitchen! I was once the girl who “made dinner” by ordering something, but now

Is it Friday yet? I’m ready to stay UP all night!

My very first episode! What a blast from the past… I have started posting episodes from USA:Up All Night on YouTube and have had such a great time re-discovering all the crazy things I forgot I did back then. The fashion, the hair, the music… talk about nostalgia!


Share the love!

Get involved with helping others in your community. There is nothing so rewarding as knowing you have made a difference in even one person’s life. As a business owner I am approached daily about getting involved in some amazing causes in my community and around the world

Tips to look great in photos

I have spent my whole life in front of cameras as a New Orleans beauty queen, model, actress, and TV personality! Needless to say, a million photos later I’ve learned how to pull off a pose at any age, in any crazy costume, and on any occasion. Here are some of my tips to turn heads on camera and otherwise!

How to find your Ahh Moment

Be open to Ahh! It is so easy to get caught up in what you think people want or expect and miss out on the mindblown-lightbulb-Ahh Moments! When I started Rhonda Shear Intimates in 2003, I didn’t know much about the industry, but I did know what I personally looked for and could never find in intimate apparel. I wanted comfort, color and support that would flatter my curves.