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Apple shapes tend to have broader shoulders, fuller bust (nothing wrong with that), and less curves on the bottom half. They carry their weight in their midsection, so we want to create the illusion of curves and cinch the waist without adding bulk as well as properly support the “Girls”.

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This past Saturday, Van and I hosted our 2013 Holiday party for all our company! We all had such a great time with a ton of laughs and silly present gift exchange! I love being able to enjoy everyone’s company all at once! Check out our pictures! Happy Holidays everyone!

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CATEGORY: Help Me Rhonda Tips > Shopping for your Shape

We all suffer from the body type syndrome, but how you don fashion is the real key to embracing your body and looking sexy all the time. To me all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Over the next month we will break down the four main body types: Pear, Apple, Hourglass, and Straight, to help advise and […]

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