Monthly Archives: August 2014


Strapless vs. Bandeau Bra

France knows fashion. That’s why it’s no surprise that the trendy, bandeau bra’s name comes from the République word meaning “strip of cloth.” Innovative designs aside, you’ve got to hand it to the French for making simplicity sound sexy. And that’s just the appeal of this unassuming underwear: it’s effortless and exciting all at once. […]


Get Your New Birthday Suit…

It’s Better Than Nude Roll a few years back and celebrate your best look— in your new, colorful birthday suit. With my Ahh Bra and Ahh Seamless High Cut Brief you can sculpt your hot new bod in no time. Want to get the most out of your final few warm-weather styles without sweating it out […]


The Evolution of Shapewear

From panties to camis, there’s a variety of shapewear available to women to smooth their sexy curves. We can smooth our arms, our legs and even our buns seamlessly and comfortably. But that hasn’t always been the case. For centuries, we were forced to fit into tight, air restricting bodices and underwear. But with the […]


Summer Shapewear

Adding extra layers in the summer is the last thing most of us want to do – but hey ladies, what if you could wear your favorite sexy ensemble with confidence, without giving a second thought to feeling sticky instead of sultry? With lightweight, breathable fabrics and seamless styles, my summer shapewear is sure to […]


The History of Summertime Fashion

Have you ever wondered where summertime fashions started? Flip flops? Sundresses? They’ve become a staple of our summer wardrobe, but why? Well, I’ve got the answers. Follow me down memory lane as I unlock the mystery surrounding summertime fashion – Rhonda style. I’m always working on creating new, seamless intimates and apparel that will help […]