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Spring Fashion Trends

Cast off those snow boots and parkas. Temps are warming and it’s time to show off your stuff! What’s Hot this Season Colors  Black and white Paired together make a striking statement, and although this coupling isn’t new to spring 2015, it certainly is everywhere. Check out my new Ruffle Trim Chemise, which comes in […]


Wardrobe Makeover: How to Clean Out Your Closet

The first thing I do when I’m assured we’ve said goodbye to winter (it really does get chilly in Florida, on occasion, I promise), I tackle my closet.   Out with the old and in with the new ideas of what I need.   A wardrobe needs to work Ladies, and if you don’t know […]


Do you feel sexier in the Spring?

Spring has sprung. How’s that for a double entendre?  But it’s true. The scientists even get it (or so research says). There’s something about this golden season that brings out urges — urges to flirt with a stranger, let your inhibitions down, and become that playful kitten you are.  It’s time to discard those layers […]

How to Feel Sexy Everday

How to feel sexy everyday

There’s something magical about the change in seasons. Spring awakens us from a long season of drab with warm breezes and flirty fabrics. And there’s just something in the air. You can feel it. Something reinvigorating and well….sexy. Air temps heat up, layers come off, and the social calendars explode. Sexy is a Frame of […]