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Find Your Signature Color

Spring! A time of bright color bursting everywhere, and if you want to make heads turn, it’s time your wardrobe gets an infusion of color. Here are some of the hottest colors out there this season: Yellow I love this color for all its energy.  Before you say it’s not for you, remember there’s a […]


The Perfect Gift

Mothers play such a big role in our lives and giving them one day just doesn’t seem to be enough. Mother’s Day is also the day that we honor women who have had a profound effect on us. It could be your grandmother, mother, sister or someone you met along the way who felt more […]


Rhonda’s Spring Style Tips

Don’t treat spring like any old season. It’s a time to celebrate warm weather and femininity! Let’s get out there and show them ladies. I always joke when I go up north how drab so many of the winter clothing colors are. Everyone’s in navy, black, and gray flannel. While I understand the classic appeal […]

What to Wear in Spring

Spring Collection: What to Wear in Spring

Spring is the comedian of seasons. One minute the ground is covered in snow, the next you’re trading in your sweater for a bathing suit and cute sandals. It’s hard to decide just what to wear during this crazy time but I have some suggestions for you ladies that will keep you looking and feeling […]


Rhonda’s Spring Must Haves

Ahh, the sweet smell of flowers, the birds singing, the temps warming up. It’s finally spring and just as Mother Nature puts on a new array of beauty, it’s time for you to make a little investment in yourself. There are some pieces that complete your wardrobe. You’ll reach for them again and again because […]