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Make Thanksgiving Better Than Ever!

Whatever your Thanksgiving Day plans are this year, there is at least one tip (from this list) that you can benefit from! Some of the best ways to amp up the fun on Thanksgiving, are right under our noses! Sometimes we just need a little reminder! Here are the best ways to make Thanksgiving better […]


Thanksgiving Style: For Tummies That Love Turkey Day!

If you’re like me, you love food and you love the holidays! The two are basically joined at the hip (or wishbone, in this case). Where there are holidays, there’s food and where there’s food, it’s probably a holiday. With Thanksgiving dinner taking place this week, I thought it might be a good time to […]


Buy A Robe, Get Some Fluffy Socks For FREE!

This is a Rhonda Shear exclusive sale, running through Friday, November 20 through Sunday, November 22, 2015!! I’m happy you’re here Now, here’s what you need to do to get a new robe and your FREE, fluffy socks ($18 value)!! Step 1 Pick a robe, click on the photo, select your size, and then “add […]


Everyday, Random Acts of Kindness

Every season is a season to be kind, but around the holidays, random acts of kindness come with the territory. So, the next time you’re feeling extra jolly, try one of these ideas and let me know how it goes! It feels so good to help out and give to others.  Here are some random […]


5 Hairstyles To Get You Through The Holidays

Bun Life A fancy bun can be the perfect ‘do for a company party or friendly get together. Pair it with a little black dress, and some blinged out, dangly earrings for a wondrous winter look! Curly Appeal Captivating curls are a personal favorite of mine, and I especially love them for more fancy gatherings! […]