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Fashionably Early: Spring Cleaning Out Your Closet

To me, spring cleaning can be bittersweet. The “ugh” factor of not really wanting to start the process is the bitter part. But, the sweet comes when I’m all finished, and my closet sparkles with my favorite staples! That part totally makes it all worthwhile! Over the years, I’ve developed a sort of system to […]

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Pretty In Pastels: Personal Favorites

Spring will be here sooner than you think. I’ve been planning ahead, and love the idea of being “pretty in pastels!” After shopping the many styles we have on, I’ve got a “Pretty in Pastels” list you need to see! I picked these styles because they’re literally, the perfect go-to garments for spring. Why? […]


Motivation From Inspiration: Ashley Graham Teaches “Beauty At Any Size”

In case you missed it, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition just featured a plus-size model on the cover, for the very first time! This is such great news for women, because like the model herself is quoted saying, “our bodies are beautiful at any size.” So, who is this special gal, gracing the cover of the […]


Update On #TeamBrandy

For those of you who might not know, I am a HUGE dog lover. Well, actually, I love animals, in general. But at our house, dogs pretty much run the show! Up until this year, we had our Sholf-Pack (Shear wolf pack) steady at four. As fate would have it, we were swept off our […]


My Never Say Never Love Story

Consider this blog post to be a time machine. I’m going to take you back in time, and walk you through one of the greatest love stories that I never could have dreamt up. It also happens to be mine! It was the 70s, and I was in junior high school. I started dating a […]


Rhonda Shear’s Ultimate Valentine’s Day Guide!

Love is in the air, and have I got some ideas for you!! Let’s talk gifts and dates. Now, not to say that chocolates, flowers, and champagne aren’t good ideas. They absolutely are! But, if you’re looking to do something a tad bit different this Valentine’s Day, then this is the list of ideas for […]