“If you really love me, you’ll eat this leaf…” He ate half… and had an allergic reaction… “Keep the other half forever, if you really love me” I demanded coyly. I was 12, he was 13, and we were in love! We dated through most of high school, and then things started getting complicated. I was a Louisiana beauty queen, a cheerleader, and a flirt. He was into his car, and wasn’t thrilled with all the guys who flirted back at me. To this day he was the only man who ever broke my heart.

After graduation I headed out to Hollywood with dreams of stardom and he went into business and settled down in Louisiana. I was discovered by Bob Hope and went on to become a late night TV star, headlining comedian, and sex symbol. I dated all kinds of stars and moguls, but found myself in my 40s and never married. One day I got an email through classmates.com and a flood of memories rushed in. It was him, the first boy I ever kissed! How long had it been? Had he changed? Had I? I went home to Louisiana for the holidays to visit family and there he was; this time he didn’t let me go!

He took me to the house he built with his own hands, cooked me fish he caught himself, and we sat by a fire built with wood he had chopped. Here was a real man, not a smooth talking LA socialite that fought me for mirror-time. He pulled out a small box and inside was the other half of that leaf he had saved all those years. I was 12 again, he was 13, and we were in love! 15 days later we headed to the courthouse and made it official. We had been apart for 26 years and didn’t want to waste another minute.

Over the next few years we used his business sense and my entertainment background to launch Shear Enterprises, LLC which is now sold in over 30 countries! We just celebrated our 12 year anniversary and are happier and more in love than ever! Remember to always be open to life and stay positive, you never know when love will find you or where success might grow!