About Rhonda Shear

Rhonda Shear has been breaking the mold since her beginnings as a New Orleans beauty queen, during her brief stint in politics, as Hollywood actress/sex symbol, touring as a stand-up comedienne, and now as the entrepreneur behind Rhonda Shear Intimates and the Ahh Bra! After appearing on countless shows and shoots, in films and hosting USA: Up All Night for over 450 episodes, Rhonda knows all about costuming, enhancing her own assets, and capturing the attention of audiences around the world. She uses this experience along with her own ever changing body as inspiration for her award winning line of intimates, sleepwear, shapewear and apparel. She has always said about her curves: “I’m a good girl, trapped in a bad girl’s body!” Rhonda encourages women to find an Ahh Moment by embracing curves and expecting more from their lingerie drawers! She prides herself in personally designing and selling quality, comfort, fit, and color in a wide variety of intimate apparel solutions sized from XS to 3X. “Behind every great woman is a great behind!” Building on Rhonda Shear Intimates’ international acclaim Rhonda plans to launch a new line of fragrance & beauty products, expand Rhonda Shear Intimates’ presence in retail, and even write a book within the next year!

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How to Organize YourPanty Drawer (1)

How to Organize Your Panty Drawer

One of the critical steps in spring cleaning is organization and it’s about time you tackled that unruly underwear drawer.  If you haven’t done so already, get rid of anything that’s too tight, too loose, threadbare, has a hole in it or has lace falling off. After you’ve purged those items, take a look at […]

How to Spring Clean Your Panty Drawer (3)

How to Spring Clean Your Panty Drawer

Ladies, take a moment. Go check out your panty drawer. No, seriously.  Is it overstuffed? Do you have stained, stretched out, too tight, riding up, digging in, hole-ridden panties in there? Don’t worry. I’m not here to judge. I’m here to get you feeling and looking fabulous again. It’s so easy to let this drawer […]


What to Wear on a Date

Hurray lovely lady! You have a night on the town with Mr. Big. Instead of whipping out everything you own, trying it on, making faces in the mirror, casting it onto your bed in disgust, and then trying to roll it all under the bed without him noticing (just in case you happen to bring […]


Rhonda’s Valentine Tips

It’s almost that time ladies, but it’s not too late to get a date for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t want to sit home on the “loveliest” day of the year, listen to Rhonda. Dress to Impress I don’t care if you’re going to the gas station or Walmart at 4 a.m., you need to […]

How to Care for Your Shapewear

How to Care for Your Shapewear

Your shapewear wardrobe is the foundation of your fashion style. A well-maintained shapewear collection means your clothes fit better and you look better in them, but as hard-working as these pieces are, they require a little TLC to keep them looking, and feeling, their best. Rotate Your Shapewear To extend the life of your shapewear, […]


Help Me Rhonda: Dating Advice

Cleopatra. Marilyn Monroe. Mata Hari. Mae West. These gals knew how to seduce a man. Some of it they did with looks, some with charisma. They knew the power of the lure.  But allure takes work. It’s not as easy as applying lip gloss.  When you go out with a guy you’re interested in, seduce […]