About Rhonda Shear

Rhonda Shear has been breaking the mold since her beginnings as a New Orleans beauty queen, during her brief stint in politics, as Hollywood actress/sex symbol, touring as a stand-up comedienne, and now as the entrepreneur behind Rhonda Shear Intimates and the Ahh Bra! After appearing on countless shows and shoots, in films and hosting USA: Up All Night for over 450 episodes, Rhonda knows all about costuming, enhancing her own assets, and capturing the attention of audiences around the world. She uses this experience along with her own ever changing body as inspiration for her award winning line of intimates, sleepwear, shapewear and apparel. She has always said about her curves: “I’m a good girl, trapped in a bad girl’s body!” Rhonda encourages women to find an Ahh Moment by embracing curves and expecting more from their lingerie drawers! She prides herself in personally designing and selling quality, comfort, fit, and color in a wide variety of intimate apparel solutions sized from XS to 3X. “Behind every great woman is a great behind!” Building on Rhonda Shear Intimates’ international acclaim Rhonda plans to launch a new line of fragrance & beauty products, expand Rhonda Shear Intimates’ presence in retail, and even write a book within the next year!

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Tampa Bay Fashion Week Recap With Rhonda

It was an eventful week for fashion across the country. That couldn’t be more true for Tampa Bay, where I was able to once again take part in Tampa Bay Fashion Week! I guess you could say I’m kind of a veteran when it comes to this annual awesomeness! I love being part of Tampa Bay […]


Rhonda Shear At Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2015

Hey all, Rhonda here!! I’m SO excited to help kick off Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2015! And boy, do we have a lot in store for everyone! I hope you’ll support these designers and take some time out of your week to support our local, growing fashion scene. Here are the details of when and […]


Rhonda’s Favorite SLEEP-tember Styles

September means fall, and fall means cooler weather, pumpkin everything, and lots of  cozying up on the couch! As much of a homebody as I tend to be, I like having options in my closet that I can A) use exclusively in the privacy of Casa de Ahh, OR B) lounge around and run an […]


Should You Be Sleeping In Your Makeup?

Until this article from Vogue came out, I had always been under the impression that sleeping in your makeup was absolutely unacceptable! Under no circumstances should someone catch their nightly z’s with makeup on. But then, I read this. Vogue’s Mackenzie Wagoner wrote that makeup pro, Charlotte Tilbury revealed that for clients like Sienna Miller, […]


6 Tricks For Better Beauty Sleep

I’m no doctor, but I AM a believer in the positive power of beauty sleep! Of course the first step to a successful night’s sleep is comfort!! So, start your sleep mission with getting cozy and finding your Ahh moment with one of my new, sleepwear styles. Here are 8 tricks I love for a […]


Rhonda’s Social Media Q&A

Last week I asked my Facebook and Twitter family to comment with any long-awaited questions they might have for me! The response was awesome, and I’m so happy I can finally answer some of them, here on my blog. Stay tuned, because there may or may not be a video coming soon, with the rest […]