To continue our quest to find the best lingerie and shapewear for your body type we get into the Apple body shape. Apple is characterized by a larger top half and a smaller, narrower bottom half. For this one think of an upside down triangle.


Apple shapes tend to have broader shoulders, fuller bust (nothing wrong with that), and less curves on the bottom half. They carry their weight in their midsection, so we want to create the illusion of curves and cinch the waist without adding bulk as well as properly support the “Girls”.



To start off first I suggest the Cadillac of bras, the PinUp Girl Lace Leisure Bra, $22.90 at www.RhondaShear.com. This bra has a generous cut, full coverage, and wider comfortable straps that won’t dig into your shoulders. With a plethora of colors this beauty will surely make you feel sexy!



Now to create that curvy look and cinched waistline try the Sweetie Lace Mesh High Waist Longline, $44.90 at www.RhondaShear.com. This longline has a lush lace detailing that holds you in and helps create an hourglass effect that is so sexy!  A high waist brief will similarly look beautiful if you need less control in the hip or thigh area. This is a wardrobe must have for the Apple woman!

4100-Honey-FrontWow in lingerie with an adorable babydoll style that covers your midsection, and draws the eye to your bustline. Looking for a little more umph? Try a corset style to cinch your midsection and support a heavier bust. Don’t be afraid to show off those legs!