This week we will be covering the Hourglass shape! 20% of women relate their body shapes to that of the hourglass. Characterized by the hips and bust being generally about the same width and having a narrower waist the “hourglass” shape is my body type! Even as a young girl I had trouble finding intimates that fit and flattered my curves.


While the runway modeling industry tends to favor the tall and straight body type, more celebrities and print models now prefer the hourglass shape and flaunt it! Scarlett Johansson comes to my mind, with her petite 5’3″ frame, she is not afraid to embrace her inner curvy as I did during my Hollywood career.

Now time to get down to business and see what are the best types of shapewear and lingerie!

Since we want to accentuate and the slim waistline, bodysuits would be the shapewear solution for you. A full body suit will support your top half, cinch your middle, and smooth out your bottom half. The Seriously Sexy Convertible Bodysuit ($49.90, www.RhondaShear.com) enhances your posture with the added boning on the stomach, luxurious high luster yarns, and super soft feel amazing against your skin! High waist longline styles can be another great option to eliminate muffin tops, smooth hips, and cinch your midsection.


Another great choice, and my personal go-to leggings, are the Ahh Sweet Tootsie High Waist Shaping Legging ($37.90, multiple styles/colors available at  www.RhondaShear.com). Not only are these leggings fashionable and comfortable but they smooth you out in just the right areas.They look great all year, wash beautifully, and work for you year round. A wardrobe must have!

1386-Navy-FrontIf you care choosing lingerie for an hourglass shape, try separates or teddies to show off your smaller midsection. Corsets also accentuate your waist or creates more of an hourglass shape if you are not naturally built that way.

Want to create some curves or create the illusion of an hourglass shape? Try bras with lift and padding and shapers that feature a little booty lift or padding as well.

Happy 2014!