Above is a Before & After which shows just how much difference a well fitted bra can make! The original, authentic Ahh Bra {http://www.rhondashear.com/bras/the-original-ahh-bra.html} is completely seamless which helps smooth out and flatter your natural shape. It helps to eliminate a plethora of annoying, painful and unattractive issues, like the ones below:

Do your breasts spill over the top of your cups? When your cup size is too small, breast tissue is forced over the top edge of your bra, creating misshapen cleavage. If your band fit is properly snug and low, then going up in cup size is the solution to this bra problem.


Does your bra band ride up in the back? If it does, you need a smaller size band the number in a bra size. To keep your breasts supported, the band must sit level or low on your back. When the band begins to rise on your back, your breasts will drop. A smaller band size will rest more firmly on your rib cage and remain in place.

bra rises in back

Do you have back-bulge around your bra band? Minimize soft tissue spilling over the back and sides of your bra by wearing a band that fits snugly around the less-fleshy part of the rib cage, the base of the bust line. The first example is one where the back-bulge is spilling out below and not snuggly on the back for additional support. It should be smooth and lay flat like the example below, which is my Sweet Sugar Butterknit Bra: http://www.rhondashear.com/bras/sweet-sugar-butterknit-wrap-bra.htmlBRA-RIDING-UP-AND-FALLING-OFF1


Does your bra cup pucker or stand away from your breasts? If your breast doesn’t fill out the cup completely, your cup size is too big. Going down in cup size will provide an appropriate ratio of fabric to breast tissue and eliminate any wrinkling or gaping.


Do your bra straps dig into your shoulders? Your band is too loose. Only 10% of breast support should come from the straps; the other 90% should come from a properly fitted band. Test your straps: see if you can easily slide two fingers under – if not, it means you’re relying too heavily on too-tight straps. A smaller band size will help to alleviate your pain. Overtime, the stress on your skin can actually permanently damage it, leaving scars and discoloration.


Is there a space between your bra and your breastbone? If your bra lifts away from your body, it means the cups aren’t roomy enough to accommodate all of your breast tissue. Choose a deeper cup with space for your entire breast to rest comfortably inside your bra.

space in between

Does your flesh spill out under your armpits? Blame the shape of your cup. A deeper cup keeps the breast tissue on the front of your body where it belongs, instead of pushing it to the side. Bringing your breasts front and center also creates a more youthful silhouette


Does your underwire slide down below the base of your breast? A cup that is too large can sit unnaturally low on the front of the body and make your breasts appear to be sagging. To eliminate the vertical space between the underwire and the breast go one cup size down.


Are your breasts uneven? Disguising uneven breasts is easier than you might imagine. The trick is to fit your larger breast exactly and then add volume to the smaller breast. Try a bra with removable pads or use padding, like the inserts below {http://www.rhondashear.com/bras/replacement-insert-pads-2478.html} to enhance your smaller breast.

Get fitted often for a bra, experts recommend getting fitted every 6 months. Put that on your checklist with your mammogram! It is important to spend at least a few hours a year watching out for the girls! To know the correct way to measure your bust and see what size you’d wear, please visit our “Help me, Rhonda” section: http://www.rhondashear.com/sizing-chart


Check out our extensive collection of bras at http://www.rhondashear.com/bras.html. We offer sizes XS-3X and in a variety of shapes, fabrics and compressions!