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Do you love pizza, but hate the calories? Rhonda’s got the solution. Discover how you can feed your pizza cravings and keep your curves healthy with Rhonda’s Healthy Curves pizza recipe.

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This past Saturday, Van and I hosted our 2013 Holiday party for all our company! We all had such a great time with a ton of laughs and silly present gift exchange! I love being able to enjoy everyone’s company all at once! Check out our pictures! Happy Holidays everyone!

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Can you believe its NOVEMBER?!!! This past month has been a whirlwind, exhausting, but totally worth it! Here is a quick catch-up and a big thank you for the outpouring of support to help those in need I’ve seen in the past few weeks!

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Apples and Pears and Hourglasses, oh my! …. sounds like the start of a sangria recipe…As women our “shapes” are always changing, things get bigger, smaller, lower, rounder, flatter, etc, etc, etc. I keep finding things in my closet that looked awesome, not so long ago, but seem like outrageous wear-in-public options now. So how do we keep track

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As a curvy girl I have always battled the dreaded muffin tops, and finally just started making my own shapewear that is comfortable, allows me the occasional muffin without the side effects, and has fun fashion colors!

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I love adding sizzles to everything from kisses, to panty drawers, to the kitchen! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes, cooking stories and party ideas right here in Rhonda’s Kitchen! I was once the girl who “made dinner” by ordering something, but now

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