What do you crave most in your closet?

  • A. Is it choices?
  • B. Is it versatility?
  • C. Is it diversity?
  • D. Is it all of the above?

If you’re anything like me then you answered:  D. All of the above! There is nothing I love more than a good ol multi-purposeful, trans-seasonal garment with endless uses and a multitude of possibilities. If you were to ravage my wardrobe, you would find a plethora of solid colors, timeless prints & staple blacks (in all styles of pieces). When you create a fine collection of basics, suddenly your choices begin to widen since you can now layer and interchange so many pieces into fabulous creations of your own!

With all of this in mind, it is clear why I nearly croaked when I learned that Rhonda was going to introduce a brand new 20-Way Ahh Dress (#R0001)!!! 20 WAYS? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Now, obviously, this thing seriously makes me tick! I’m obsessed. And if I was to say that this silhouette is only capable of 20 ways, then I would be absolutely lying to you. I would say that it is weekly that at least one of the girls in office will strut into work styling the Ahh Dress in a different way! We LOVE this dress. I keep one in my car at ALL times for emergency situations… Last minute business dinner? Improptu girls happy hour? Surprising the hunny after work? This is the ultimate back-up plan.

So while we were at show in NYC, I decided to sport the Ahh Dress in a new sort of way… as a sassy one-shouldered top! Needless to say, this piece prompted a huge response from everyone! Exhibitors & buyers alike were complimenting my look! =) big time happy face! Choosing the Charcoal Dress with the corresponding tube (reversed to charcoal) as under top, I paired the (now) Ahh Top with my coral pants. Adding the nude studded peep-toe heels enanled me to accent with studded jewelry for an edgier creation! If you haven’t experience the Ahh Dress, I absolutely suggest you do! Expand your wardrobe!!!


By Guest Contributor, Noelle Stoops