Who says that you have to obey the standards and ideologies of the norm when it comes to fashion??? Certainly not us! Actually, here at Rhonda Shear Intimates, expressing oneself through fashion is HIGHLY encouraged! I, personally, take this liberty in stride by truly exploring the endless options and choices my closet (and the hand-me-downs of Rhonda) have to offer! Now I can’t sit here and say every “creation” of mine has been ultra-femme or even slightly attractive, but I can say express how important it is to be creative with your fashion!

As a rule, it is pivotal to analyze your “creations” closely when attending a special event, a work function, or any other sort of “first impression is everything” occasion. In example, one of my favorite aspects of my job (sales baby!) is attending trade shows representing the Rhonda Shear Intimates brand! Alongside my Director (who happens to be one of my best friends), we plan our outfits daily to be complimentary as well as classy, sexy & fun… just like us! ;)

Here is one of Tyreen & my looks from our most recent showing at CURVE NY! In corresponding “Heartthrob” Seamless Shelf Tanks (#4036), we deemed this our 4036 Day! This tank is by far the most intrical staple in my closet… perfect for accenting, layering & jus plain wearing. By choosing bold, chunky jewelry, I off-set the yummy peacock hue (Rhonda’s fav!) of this sleek a-symmetrical long skirt… (a-symmetrical skirts & dresses were ALL OVER Manhattan & Miami… BIG TREND ALERT!) As for Ty’s creation, she rocks her “Power Skirt”, a high-waist black & white striped pencil skirt (to diiiiie for), with a simpler long necklace to enable her “Power Skirt” to be the center of attention as it should be!

Can’t wait to share what CURVE NV has in store for me to see style wise!!!


By Guest Contributor, Noelle Stoops