Ladies, I hear ya!!!

Summers here in South Florida are no joke… whew! Here are a few easy tips to keep you cool and comfortable this summer- wherever you are!

-Freeze grapes and pop them into wine instead of ice! Your drink will be chilled, but not watered down!

-Put crushed ice and a little water into a glass and let it sit for a minute to make a warm glass frosty- I especially use this one while I’m making a martini or a cosmo!

-Pour coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze it for coffee cubes that give your Iced Coffee a kick and keep your caffeine nice and cool!

-If keeping the precious air conditioning in is leaving your house feeling stuffy, try putting a dryer sheet over a vent for a little extra freshness!

- Freeze a wet sponge inside a plastic baggie for a no-drip ice pack!

- Spin damp paper towels or wash cloths in the air and put them on your neck, forehead, and wrists to bring your body temperature down – when they warm up just shake them in the air again!

-Place your sandals upside down when you are at the pool or beach to prevent them from burning you feet when you put them back on!

-Carry a hand fan in your purse, just in case!

- Layer! Hot outside can often mean freeeeeezing inside so keep a light shrug in you bag or at you desk!

-Close you blinds when you go out so your AC won’t compete with sun coming in windows!

-Wear lighter  colors- fashionable and cooler than our beloved black for summer!

-If you can’t find that elusive shady parking spot, try putting a towel on your seats so they don’t don’t burn the back of your legs when you get back in. You can also turn your wheel 180 degrees to keep 10 & 2 out of  direct sun!

I hope these ideas help you keep cool through the sizzling summer months, if all else fails there is always Butterknit! (Check out my cool to the touch Butterknit fabrication for  yummy, rose petal smooth sleepwear options wt www.RhondaShear.com) I think my grapes are frozen now, so I’ve got to go test that tip out….