Who doesn’t dig a trend that is constantly recirculating? I must admit that I was, regardless, hesitant to embrace the legging craze at first (that is about 4 years ago…) and it did take me some time to really grow to love leggings. And now, I can’t seem to live without them! Truly,  leggings have become my ultimate outerwear staple.

I find myself wearing some style of leggings two to three times weekly… This is because you can pair your leggings with a multitude of pieces to create different looks each time. I’m extremely particular about choosing outfits throughout the week in a dress/pants/skirt/pants/etc. pattern. Leggings make the selection process far more enjoyable since they offer the ability to wear dresses, skirts, & pants together!

My favorite stylings of leggings include:

  • Short Dresses (some that have shrank from the drying process! I’m personally the worst launderer!)
  • Tunic Tops
  • Tight/Short Skirts
  • With Rain Boots
  • Long Sweaters
  • Layering with Long Tanks & Jackets
  • And the list goes on, and on, and on…

I must admit that my adoration for leggings quickly became an obsession once I experienced the RS High Waisted Shaping Leggings… It was a miracle! Being a curvy lady myself, I seemed to always have an issue with the natural waistline of most leggings cutting into my sides and giving me terrible muffintops… and THAT is not a cute look. The shaping leggings compress comfortably through tummy area, lift the booty & smooth the thighs. It’s a 110% win! These leggings are such a hot seller for us that we can barely keep them in stock! Rhonda realized how quickly they were flying off our shelves and sparked the next trends by creating multiple embelished leggings…. Capri length, boot cut, Lace trim, stud cuff, zipper sides.. There are so many to choose from!!!!

Prepare your closet for all seasons with these staple styles to enlarge your closet options!

“Ahh Ooh La La” High Waist Lace Sideseam Leggings (#R1392) in Charcoal/Pink paired with a long, fitted black top, hot pink pumps & a muli-colored feather necklace for added pizazz!

“Ahh Smooth” High Waist Seamless Capri Legging (#R1387) in black styled with a black & white loose tunic top, black cutout wedges, corresponding black & lucite jewelry with a bright cobalt blue knit blazer for that added POP of color!

By Guest Contributor, Noelle Stoops