Whatever your Thanksgiving Day plans are this year, there is at least one tip (from this list) that you can benefit from! Some of the best ways to amp up the fun on Thanksgiving, are right under our noses! Sometimes we just need a little reminder!

Here are the best ways to make Thanksgiving better than ever!

Leave Your Phone At The Door

When you’re trying to stay distraction-free from the smartphone world (aka the Internet), turning your phone off isn’t enough sometimes. Instead, create an area at the front door, for every guest to leave their phone. Think of it like a coat check at a restaurant. Leave it when you get there, pick it up on your way out!

Have A Plan 

Chances are, you probably already have a set time for the big meal! But, don’t forget about the other hours of your Thanksgiving celebration. Although catching up with loved ones is definitely part of the fun, try and add some structure to the day for even more memorable moments. Ideas: play a card or board game, watch football together, go through a couple rounds of trivia. 

Invite Friends, Old Or New

If you know somebody who doesn’t have a place to go, invite them over- after all, the more, the merrier! Or, if you’ve met some new friends recently, invite them over! 

Soak It Up, Stay Present

This might be one of the hardest things to do when it comes to any holiday. Stay present and enjoy every moment! When your mind starts wandering, and you’re thinking about going back to work, or you begin thinking about holiday shopping you’ll need to get done; stop, and remind yourself that all of those future things will be taken care of in the future, but on Thanksgiving you should enjoy Thanksgiving! 

Bring  Greeting Cards

We exchange greeting cards for countless holidays, so why do we leave out Thanksgiving? You don’t have to write a book inside the cards, just go with a simple note of why you’re thankful for that person! You won’t believe how heart-warming and meaningful this small gesture can be! If you’re feeling crafty, make this one even better by creating the cards yourself!