silly things

I have done some pretty crazy things in my career, and I am always moving right on to the next crazy thing. This year I am launching a fragrance line on HSN, writing a book, walking around downtown in my bra with ACS:Making Strides, Dancing with the Stars for local charities, mentoring girls at PACE,  starting to do stand-up comedy again, and even sitting on the board for All Children’s Hospital…. and this past weekend…. I made a movie in just 48hrs!


(On set at Ricky P’s Commercial Shoot)

Thursday night I was downtown shooting a commercial for my favorite St. Pete/ New Orleans restaurant, Ricky P’s, and I overheard my film crew talking about their upcoming 48hr Film Project contest… It sounded like a lot of fun, so I said “Sign me up!” Friday night at 7pm our team leader Kenn of Damage Control picked a random genre out of a hat and I was excited to hear that we got Horror! We also had to incorporate a farmer character named Charlie Sparks, use bubble wrap as a prop, and say the phrase “he never tells me anything” for the competition.


(lighting a scene, behind the scenes with Carole & Jay/Charlie, stunt crew prepares for a scene)

As some of you may know, I spent 8 years and over 450 episodes on USA:Up All Night screening B-Movies -especially Comedies and Horror films! We scrambled to get all the lights and cameras we could find and headed over to my house with the team including my stepson, husband/weapons coordinator, and comedians Carole Montgomery & Jay Hewlett who were both in town for gigs. We came up with a script in no time and started shooting right away. We decided it was time to nap around 4am (still staying UP all night, just a little harder now) and were back at it the next day. The film was edited and turned in -just in time- Sunday at 7pm!

Here is a sneak peek at the trailer:

I am so excited to premiere the movie at Muvico Ybor in Tampa tomorrow night! If you are interested in coming out you can visit ! What was your favorite movie on USA:Up All Night?