Consider this blog post to be a time machine. I’m going to take you back in time, and walk you through one of the greatest love stories that I never could have dreamt up. It also happens to be mine!

It was the 70s, and I was in junior high school. I started dating a cutie named Van Fagan. We were so young, and so in [puppy] love. Eventually, like teenagers do, we broke up; and both [thought we had] moved on.

After Van and I lost touch, I made my career my focus, my love. So, I followed my dream of living a life in the lights, headlining comedy shows, acting in movies, and being a Hollywood social butterfly. It was great, and I enjoyed it very much.

One day in 2001, and decades after Van and I had last connected, I joined a website called classmates.com. EVERYone was raving about it, and I thought, “I need to get in on this and see what all the hoopla is about!” I did, and shortly after joining, I received a message from none other than the Van Fagan. 

He had married, settled down, and had children. He was also a successful entrepreneur. I was impressed, and the feeling I got when I saw his name pop-up on my computer screen was something I’ll never forget. I knew that our love was still very much alive.

Of course, some back and forth communication happened before we were actually able to see each other in person again. After all, I was on the west coast, and Van had stayed in Louisiana, where we grew up. Miles separated us, but it was very apparent that love was going to find a way.

Crazy enough, once we connected on classmates.com, it was only a matter of days before we met, and fell in love all over again. We got married almost immediately, and moved in together in Los Angeles, where we started RhondaShear.com intimates out of our apartment there. 

We built our business together, and continue to grow in love and life every day.

The moral of this love story is, never say never when it comes to love! Keep an open mind, and an open heart, and love will always find a way!

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