As young women, we are trained by fashion magazines and celebrities that your wardrobe should be changed with the seasons. However, when you live in arbitrary weather as I do and are on a budget as most of us are, that usually isn’t feasible. Additionally, many people spend the majority of their days indoors, which allows for more freedom in seasonal fashion than we often give ourselves. In the thick, humid Florida air, I couldn’t have fathomed wearing tight leggings in spring, let alone summer, especially when the temperature reaches the late eighties as the sun is coming up. I mean, who wants to a forced battle between their body and clothes? Those thoughts quickly changed when I discovered the shaping leggings from the Rhonda Shear collection…

Not only do they allow my skin to breathe, but they help to wick that inevitable moisture we all try so hard to avoid. Rhonda Shear leggings, in all their ahh-some variety, are an ESSENTIAL piece in any closet-in any season. They are literally where skinny jeans, leggings, and shapewear meet! The WORST part about traditional leggings, for me, is the dreaded muffin top! Typically, even if you start out with the waistband tugged up high, it will roll right down your abdomen in no time! And let’s be real, pushing all your skin and excess weight to one area in the middle of your body may just be the worst thing you can do for yourself and certainly does not help to avoid moisture!


No matter the temperature, season, etc. we all need pieces that are versatile and comfortable, and no those things aren’t mutually exclusive! Whether pairing them with a tank top or flowy tunic in the warmer months or then with killer boots and an oversized sweater in chillier temperatures, you cannot go wrong with a staple item like this!

By Guest Contributor, Jordan Cox