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How New Moms Can Benefit from Shapewear

How New Moms Can Benefit from Shapewear

Babies are miraculous and they change your life forever, don’t they? But between the layer of goo that seems to cover you (and your precious bundle of joy) at all times, and the changes to your body, it sure is hard to feel sexy. But Rhonda can help, ladies. Really, I can. And it’s much […]

Saying -I Do- to Wedding Shapewear

Saying “I Do” to Wedding Shapewear

Ahh, the lovely bride. We all want to look our best on that magical day, don’t we? Many brides forgo foundations under their dresses because they don’t realize the difference they make. With boning and corset dress styles it’s easy to think a foundation’s not needed, but choosing the perfect shapewear will make you look […]

What Shapewear Can & Can't Do

What Shapewear Can and Can’t Do

You’ve probably heard me say “Foundation is where fashion starts!”. Chosen wisely, shapewear enhances any outfit. But while I may sometimes call it a miracle worker that helps make the most of every woman’s curve and minimizes the areas she chooses, shapewear is not plastic surgery. It’s an enhancer not the ticket to a new […]


How to Love your Curves

Sometimes the easiest way to love your body is to get a little help. Women in the ‘50s knew the importance of shapewear and wouldn’t have been caught dead without it. It was their sexy little secret and gave them plenty of va-va-va-voom. These ladies knew the secret of loving their curves and you can […]


Ahh by Rhonda Shear Fall Fashions

Summer fashions are fun, but there’s just something about fuzzy fall sweaters—and donning them with a pumpkin spice latte (or “PSLs”—for the more fall-forward) in hand. Seasonal platitudes aside, cozy styles are where it’s at, but you should know there’s more to them than cable knits; just like the endless colors of crisp tree leaves, […]


Top 6 Jewel Heist Movies

There’s a lot of classic heist movies out there — Oceans 11 (the old Hollywood original, of course), The Thomas Crowne Affair, Heist — to name a few, but nothing in this genre sparkles quite like the jewel heist variety. These films make the gritty look glamorous. Want to take the night off in style? […]