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Wardrobe Makeover: How to Clean Out Your Closet

The first thing I do when I’m assured we’ve said goodbye to winter (it really does get chilly in Florida, on occasion, I promise), I tackle my closet.   Out with the old and in with the new ideas of what I need.   A wardrobe needs to work Ladies, and if you don’t know […]


Do you feel sexier in the Spring?

Spring has sprung. How’s that for a double entendre?  But it’s true. The scientists even get it (or so research says). There’s something about this golden season that brings out urges — urges to flirt with a stranger, let your inhibitions down, and become that playful kitten you are.  It’s time to discard those layers […]

How to Feel Sexy Everday

How to feel sexy everyday

There’s something magical about the change in seasons. Spring awakens us from a long season of drab with warm breezes and flirty fabrics. And there’s just something in the air. You can feel it. Something reinvigorating and well….sexy. Air temps heat up, layers come off, and the social calendars explode. Sexy is a Frame of […]

How to Organize YourPanty Drawer (1)

How to Organize Your Panty Drawer

One of the critical steps in spring cleaning is organization and it’s about time you tackled that unruly underwear drawer.  If you haven’t done so already, get rid of anything that’s too tight, too loose, threadbare, has a hole in it or has lace falling off. After you’ve purged those items, take a look at […]

How to Spring Clean Your Panty Drawer (3)

How to Spring Clean Your Panty Drawer

Ladies, take a moment. Go check out your panty drawer. No, seriously.  Is it overstuffed? Do you have stained, stretched out, too tight, riding up, digging in, hole-ridden panties in there? Don’t worry. I’m not here to judge. I’m here to get you feeling and looking fabulous again. It’s so easy to let this drawer […]


What to Wear on a Date

Hurray lovely lady! You have a night on the town with Mr. Big. Instead of whipping out everything you own, trying it on, making faces in the mirror, casting it onto your bed in disgust, and then trying to roll it all under the bed without him noticing (just in case you happen to bring […]