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Rhonda’s Diamond Jubilee Playlist: Top 7 Songs with “Diamond” in the Title

Every birthday celebration needs a soundtrack, so it’s only fitting that my Diamond Jubilee should feature definitive “jewel tones.” It’s time to rock hard or sparkle softly; Check out my top-seven playlist featuring songs with “diamond” in the title. 7. Rihanna – Diamonds A list of top diamond tunes wouldn’t be complete without a contemporary […]


Shine Like a Diamond

Real talk: Some days we just feel like we’ve lost our luster — like a diamond that’s reduced back to coal. But I’m here to tell you: You’re more than a bad day, or even a bad week (month, year). Don’t let gravity get to you. If anything, let it transform you. After all, diamonds […]

ahh inspiring

“Ahh” Inspiring to Absurd: Top 5 Diamond-Encrusted Items

Coco Chanel once said: “The best things in life are free; the second best are very expensive.” I’d amend that to say the second best are very sparkly. However, the gemstones on this list do cost quite a few shiny coins. Some of the top diamond-encrusted items range from the “ahh”-inspiring to absurd. Check out […]


Own It

For my 60th birthday I’m celebrating my very own Diamond Jubilee to remind all the ladies out there that the most precious jewels never lose luster with age — they only shine brighter. Why not reflect your inner light with my exciting, shimmering styles? It’s my birthday wish that you “rock it” like the gem […]


How Shapewear Can Transform Your Life

You have the right to change your life, and shapewear can help. It’s time to change your attitude and wardrobe with just one simple, slip-on accessory that’s designed to empower you. Think of it as a sort of a “selfie” revolution that restores your favorite version of you by altering the way you feel in […]


Strapless vs. Bandeau Bra

France knows fashion. That’s why it’s no surprise that the trendy, bandeau bra’s name comes from the République word meaning “strip of cloth.” Innovative designs aside, you’ve got to hand it to the French for making simplicity sound sexy. And that’s just the appeal of this unassuming underwear: it’s effortless and exciting all at once. […]