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Summer Must Haves: Three Staples You Need

Summertime! Quite a few things come to mind when I think about this time of year. Beach days, margaritas, and cook outs in the summer sun! When it comes to summer style, I’m drawn to light and flawy fabrics, bright colors, and all the sandals my closet offers! Like any season, summer calls for staples- […]

How To Make Time For You

How To Make Time For You

Here are some tips to help you find time for you, and to help minimize the chaos in your life! For most women today, the word “busy” is an understatement! Between careers, family, and trying to find that perfect work/life balance, it can be a task in itself to create “me-time.” But, with that being […]

Drama-Free Zone

Drama Free Zone

How to Drama-Free Your Life Tips to help you get rid of the drama, and get back to living your life! Avoiding drama would be the first, most obvious tip I’d give to help you steer clear of the little things we all encounter sometimes! But, I also know that that’s not always possible! So, […]

Rhonda Right Now

Rhonda Right Now: Cinderella, House of Cards, And Lots Of Cooking

So, let’s talk TV, movies, and great reads! Any other House of Cards fans out there? That’s the extent of my TV watching right now. I’m more of a movie lover, personally. And I prefer to get cinemas at home. The best ones are real stories, and they’re not just about the special effects or […]


Relationship Rules: The Secret To Longevity

What does it take to make a relationship work? To put it simply, I’d say: having patience with one another, having fun together, and never taking a moment for granted are a few of the keys to longevity in a relationship. Life can be trying, so it’s also very important, in a relationship, to laugh […]

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Rhonda Shear Evening at Cannes

Rhonda Shear Evening Turns Heads at Cannes Film Festival Who doesn’t love a red carpet event?! This week at Cannes Film Festival, Rhonda Shear Evening wear turned heads on the Cannes red carpet, and beyond, with gowns being worn by TMG correspondent, Michelle McCoy and actress, Tamie Sheffield. Looking fabulous, ladies!   Tamie Sheffield   […]