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Tampa Bay Fashion Week Recap With Rhonda

It was an eventful week for fashion across the country. That couldn’t be more true for Tampa Bay, where I was able to once again take part in Tampa Bay Fashion Week! I guess you could say I’m kind of a veteran when it comes to this annual awesomeness! I love being part of Tampa Bay […]


Rhonda Shear At Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2015

Hey all, Rhonda here!! I’m SO excited to help kick off Tampa Bay Fashion Week 2015! And boy, do we have a lot in store for everyone! I hope you’ll support these designers and take some time out of your week to support our local, growing fashion scene. Here are the details of when and […]


Rhonda’s Favorite SLEEP-tember Styles

September means fall, and fall means cooler weather, pumpkin everything, and lots of  cozying up on the couch! As much of a homebody as I tend to be, I like having options in my closet that I can A) use exclusively in the privacy of Casa de Ahh, OR B) lounge around and run an […]


Should You Be Sleeping In Your Makeup?

Until this article from Vogue came out, I had always been under the impression that sleeping in your makeup was absolutely unacceptable! Under no circumstances should someone catch their nightly z’s with makeup on. But then, I read this. Vogue’s Mackenzie Wagoner wrote that makeup pro, Charlotte Tilbury revealed that for clients like Sienna Miller, […]


6 Tricks For Better Beauty Sleep

I’m no doctor, but I AM a believer in the positive power of beauty sleep! Of course the first step to a successful night’s sleep is comfort!! So, start your sleep mission with getting cozy and finding your Ahh moment with one of my new, sleepwear styles. Here are 8 tricks I love for a […]


Rhonda’s Social Media Q&A

Last week I asked my Facebook and Twitter family to comment with any long-awaited questions they might have for me! The response was awesome, and I’m so happy I can finally answer some of them, here on my blog. Stay tuned, because there may or may not be a video coming soon, with the rest […]