“Behind every Great Woman, is a Great Behind!”

Have you found your Ahh Moment? My personal mission is to help you do just that! As a comedienne/actress turned designer/entrepreneur, I’ve had the pleasure of  changing the way millions of women feel in their intimates, and love sharing my story of love and reinvention. The past few years at Shear Enterprises, LLC have been a whirlwind of growth and such an amazing learning experience! I have such an incredible group of creative souls, business minds, and family that have helped me reach my dream!
I thought my career in Hollywood was ridiculous, but the fashion industry can be even wilder and harder to grasp that success. For me it is all about staying focused on what I want to represent and what my customers want. It’s also very important for me to give back and I’m so passionate about helping others through my work with charitable organizations including American Cancer Society, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and Pace School for Girls.  I have so many amazing projects in the works, and hope you enjoy some of my favorites here in my blog, the Panty-Press Newsroom!  I’m constantly face-tweet-pin-gram-link-tubing too, so follow me for all the latest, plus awesome prizes, coupons and tips!

Rhonda Shear Promo shoot!
Rhonda teaching Bra tips on EXTRA
Rhonda Visits The Daily Buzz & GalTime
Rhonda Gives Fashion Advice on GalTime
Rhonda Shear Introduces her Comedy PJ Party
Check out more videos including USA:Up All Night clips, Tips, & so much more on her YouTube Channel!


WWD-Surface interest rules as designers focus on bright colors, nautical motifs and playful dots. …Read More
WGNO- Hundreds of women are gathering in New Orleans for a weekend of fun and inspiration: Festigals. This year, gals are excited to hear their keynote speaker, New Orleans native Rhonda Shear. …Read More
Marlo Thomas- As Rhonda Shear looks out onto the water from her 10,000-square-foot “Barbie doll” mansion in St. Petersburg, Florida, even she’s amazed at the path that brought her here. A Louisiana beauty queen, she made her way to Hollywood, hoping to be discovered. And it wasn’t long before. … Read more
Huffington Post-Rhonda Shear loves her breasts. She calls them her “girls,” and they’ve served her well over the years. “My background is as a beauty queen,” said Shear, “so I’ve always been good at manipulating the girls. I’ve always known how to use them to my advantage.” ….. Read more
Creative Loafing- Rhonda Shear should be the spokesmodel for the ever-changing shape of beauty and success. She parleyed her skill-set as a sultry television actress, standup comic, and Playboy model into a career as the figurehead of the lingerie empire, Shear Enterprises. ….Read More
Tampa Bay Times-She was a Miss Louisiana, a budding actor with roles like the waitress in the movie Spaceballs or on TV’s Married with Children and an early woman in stand-up comedy. In 1990, she became that sexy-funny cable TV kitten of USA: Up All Night, where she injected her own comedy while hosting low-budget movies every Friday night. ….Read More
New Orleans Local-The most unique festival of its kind in the country, FestiGals, has selected Rhonda Shear as the event’s Keynote Speaker. Forbes Magazine describes the successful model, actress and entrepreneur as the “Queen of Reinvention.” Originally from New Orleans. .….Read More What do you get when you mix pageantry, celebrity, comedy, and an entrepreneurial knack for women’s needs? Downtown St. Pete resident, Rhonda Shear ….Read More
Panache Vue Magazine- “If you love me, you’ll eat this leaf,” she said to her high school sweetheart. Stifling a giggle, trying to maintain her serious demeanor, she plucked a dying leaf off the tree branch hanging above the bench they sat upon in his parents’ backyard in New Orleans. ….Read More
Lead With Giants- In 2001 Rhonda Shear and her husband, Van Fagan, started Shear Enterprises, LLC and Rhonda Shear Intimates. This St. Petersburg company generated over 72 million dollars in sales in 2011.….Read More
Tampa Bay Business Journal- Rhonda Shear has been able to grow her company even during an economic downturn because no matter how bad the economy gets, people aren’t going to give up their underwear.…Read More
Smart Business- Rhonda Shear has continued to reinvent herself over the years, evolving from successful actress to traveling comedian to self-made businesswoman.…Read More
Inventors Digest-Rhonda Shear began her career as an entertainer after being crowned Miss Louisiana USA back in the day. She went on to appear in low-budget films and earned a Best B-Movie Actress award for her work in Prison A Go-Go. We never heard of it, either, but it’s always nice to be recognized for your achievements. …Read More
Suncoast News-A trio of business women presented their mantra of “shift happens” last Thursday during at the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce’s “Successful Women in Business” panel at Pasco-Hernando Community College West Campus.. …Read More
Courageous Woman Magazine-Unlike other women’s fashion designers and entrepreneurs, Rhonda Shear has appeared in front of television and movie cameras and stomped runways with her own fierceness. She was the hostess for the popular Friday night movie series, “USA: Up All Night.” …Read More
CEO Blog Nation-Personalities are unique as the people who own them. They range from demanding to meek, cunning to creative, and some people embody multiple personalities. At some points they might be demanding and other points they simply sit back and let others take control. When it comes to being an entrepreneur or a business owner personality can make a major impact on the business. …Read More
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