Nothing on the planet can make me smile more than my 4 doggies Chicky, Tiki, Sweetie, and my newest baby, Lexie! Living the Hollywood lifestyle can make pet ownership a challenge, but here in Florida, I just couldn’t imagine not having those sweet faces in my life! I never had any children of my own, but love my step children, grandchildren and these fuzzy babies so very much!

Meet the players:

Chicky-dog- She was supposed to be a pure-bred chihuahua and when we got her they said she would be about 7lbs…. She is easily double that now…so who knows what she actually may be mixed with, but we are happy to have her as our first girl! When we first got her I actually dabbled in Chicky-wear dog outfits, but just couldn’t keep a straight face long enough to sell it with puppies running around sets – thinking about it makes me giggle!

Tiki the Yorkie- She was adopted by someone we knew, but did not get along with their other dogs, so of course we had to take her home immediately!

Sweetie- A few years back we opened a retail store in St. Petersburg, FL and at the opening party we had an auction. Someone donated a tiny baby Sweetie and, well, I had to have her. She has been voted “Most Likely to Nip You” by house guests…

Sexy Lexie- The latest to join the my fuzzy little herd of b…… eautiful girls! She was a teen mother and made her way to a charity event for a local pet rescue… where we fell in love. After taking her home we discovered she had heartworms! I am happy to announce she is now worm free and living the high life after finishing a tough couple of months of treatments.


Here are just some of the things I love- and live with- being MamaDog to my 3 chihuahuas and a yorkie-I hope you enjoy!

-Sweepy-Sexy-Eyes! Say that and Sweetie makes it happen… so much cuter than “sit” or “stay”!

-Kisses… up your nose, on your mouth, these girls are all about the kisses… Chicky will even blow kisses if you make kissey noises!

-Touching the wood floor is just not OK with Chicky (she is a little neurotic that way) so we had to put rugs down for her never-ending game of “don’t touch the lava”!

-Where is Tiki? My little yorkie Tiki hides out under the coffee table… unless it is dinner time of course

-Baby talk… I know, I know…. Its just ridiculous, but I can’t not talk to them that way!

- We call all their toys Monkeys… Lexie carries them around, Chicky hides in piles of them

- Puppy pads… puppy pads everywhere! Unfortunately, with the weather here in Florida going outside just isn’t always an option. So, to avoid what could otherwise be a minefield, I put out the puppy pads and hope the rain stops soon!

- Dinner squabbles- I promise you these girls are not underfed, but put the food down and you might be convinced otherwise. I think they need a visit from the Dog Whisperer…or I do!

There are just a million little things that make me smile! If you are considering bringing a pet into your home, consider adopting! Having these four fur-babies has been so rewarding and brought so much life and happiness into our home!