I just love chatting with folks on my social media pages! So, one day a few weeks back, I invited everyone to AMA (ask me anything)! If you missed the first round, here’s how it went.

Now, I’m back with part two of my social media Q&A!! Enjoy:

Question from Mark Wright: “Hi Rhonda, are you back on USA? If so, what day?”

A: Hey, Mark! I’m not on USA, but I am on YouTube :) Check out my channel: Rhonda Shear TV.

Question from Keith Hamilton: “Who’s your favorite sports team?”

A: Perfect question for football season, Keith! Being from New Orleans, I have to go with the Saints- did you know I was on the dance team?! But, living in Florida now, I root for the Bucs sometimes, too!


Question from Luke Calvert: “What is your official bra size?”

A: Hello there, Luke! Some people collect stamps, but I collect bra sizes; 38DDD. 

Question from Johnny Caps: “It’s been twenty years since the release of your comedy album ‘Your Bedtime Buddy.’ Is there any chance we might get a release (CD or digital) of your more recent comedy performances?”

A: Great question, thanks, Johnny! This is definitely something that’s being considered! In the meantime, you can keep up with what I’m doing now (plus, all the throwbacks) on my YouTube channel: Rhonda Shear TV.

Question from Twitter user, Jimi Jamm: “What is your greatest challenge as a business woman?”

A: Hi, Jimi! Hmm…dealing with business men? (kidding) The hardest thing I’m faced with is waiting for new items to arrive! When we create something, I’m always very excited about it, so the waiting game is kind of tough!

Question from Johnny Strawn: “Have you ever seen a UFO? And do you believe in extraterrestrials?”

A: This is a fun one! Thanks for asking, Johhny! I believe it’s possible…

FullSizeRender (11)

Question from Michael Davidson: “Hi Rhonda, I loved watching USA Up! All Night back in the day. What have you been doing after your USE Up! All Night days?”

A: Hi, Michael! Thanks for joining the conversation. That’s a loaded question!! I’m a regular host on HSN and am still performing, too! Follow along with my blog or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Question from Scott DeRuiter: “Do you ever go to Frenchy’s on the beach?”

A: Absolutely, Scott! It’s a go-to for us here in the bay!! One word: YUM!

Question from Twitter user, Rick Shalom: “Any chance Up! All Night with Rhonda will ever be back on any of the cable channels?”

A: There seems to be a trend here, Rick! Lots of questions about USA Up! All Night. I think you should ask @USA_Network on Twitter. But for me, I’d be all for it!

Question from William Taylor: “Was there any entertainers you admired that inspired you to go into showbiz?

A: Absolutely, William! We all have inspirations. I have a lot, but first ones that come to mind are Barbara Eden and Lucille Ball. 



Keep checking back for part three of this Social Q&A series!! Have more questions for me? Just leave them in the comments below :)