Last week I asked my Facebook and Twitter family to comment with any long-awaited questions they might have for me! The response was awesome, and I’m so happy I can finally answer some of them, here on my blog. Stay tuned, because there may or may not be a video coming soon, with the rest of this Q&A series!

Question from Rick Norman:

“Is it true, Rhonda, that Larry King fell in love with you? (If he did, he has great taste in women!)”


Hi Rick! Thanks for connecting. Larry King and I did go on a date once…but that’s all I can really say about that. You can always ask Larry, himself on Twitter. Tweet him at @kingsthings.

Question from Johnny Beaujolais:

“I always thought you had a great set of legs and I’m a big fan of stockings and hose. As a leader in the intimate apparel world, do you think that hosiery will ever make a comeback in the fashion world?” 


Great question, Johnny! Part of my interest in designing intimates comes from loving the styles myself. So, yes, absolutely. I love hosiery!


Question from Tony Case:

“Just wanted to thank you for all the foot stuff you have done. You are too cool. Any chance for more in the future?”


I use my feet everyday! I walk, I dance, I kick!

From Twitter user, David Haynie:

“Do you ever make appearances to meet fans, like comic con events? Do you think you would ever come to San Antonio, Texas anytime soon?”


Hey David! Love going to comic con events. If I can find the time, I will definitely be there!

Image 2

Question from John Thibodeaux: 

“Seems like it was yesterday you did “UP! All Night.” What is your favorite city in the USA?


It sure does, John! I have to go with either New Orleans, Los Angeles, or Tampa Bay. I can’t pick just one!!

Question from Andrew Pringle:

“What was it like getting pied in the face multiple times on the set of “UP! All Night?” 


You know, Andrew, I only have a one word answer for that: DELICIOUS!


Question from Bonnie Weinstein:

“Will you ever start making colorful prints for the Ahh Bra? It would be cute under tanks just showing slightly. I must own every color in duplicates and some triplicates. Haven’t worn a traditional bra in years!!!!”


Love that idea, Bonnie! Stay tuned, I have something amazing coming! 

Question from Brian Perkins: 

“You’re awesome, Rhonda! I’m a big fan. What was your favorite thing about doing USA’s “UP! All Night?” 


Thanks for the question, Brian- and for watching! My favorite part about those years was probably staying UP! with my amazing fans, meeting so many talented guests, and being over the top!!

Like I said, stay tuned for a video coming soon, where I’ll answer even more questions from my social media Q&A!