Spring cleaning can be a daunting task! As a lover of clothes, and shoes, and shopping (oh my!), I definitely find my closet full every Spring. So, I’ve done a little web searching and come up with some great ideas and  tips to make the “Great Closet Clean Out of 2014″ a little easier…

1.  Start with a certain category, like panties, jeans, shoes, or accessories – maybe one section a night for a week? Battling the Leaning Tower of Folded Sweaters is enough of a challenge for one day!

2. Collapsible storage bins are great for organizing things like bathing suits, small purses, and hats/scarves. That’s right ladies, our tupperware addiction can now spread to the entire house. Under bed storage can also be a great option for bulky winter coats and boots.

3. For hanging items try turning your hangers backwards in your closet and once you wear an item flip the hanger the correct way, after a year you can tell what items you have/haven’t worn. This can make it a lot  easier to determine what to toss and what to keep! I know I’m guilty of hanging onto some favorite items for-ev-er….who’s with me? A couple of workout motivation pieces are great, but a closet full is just silly- on to the new and fabulous!

4. If something has a hole, rip, tear, or stain and can’t be salvaged- it’s time to replace! BONUS = Yay, shopping!

5. Make sure when you have everything cleaned out of your closet, to clean the floors and baseboards before putting everything back. Because, eww, dust bunnies!

6. Keep similar items in the same area in you closet. Knowing where everything is makes putting outfits together quick and easy, so you can get out the door looking fabulous in no time!

7. Try on anything you are unsure about… Fashion show! Ask yourself the important questions: Do I look good in this? Is this flattering? When/where will I wear this? Work it, girl! *sips martini, winks at mirror

8. Donate unwanted items to a Goodwill or a local women’s shelter, and be sure to get a receipt so you can write off the donation on your taxes. I have found some amazing shelters in my area and donate personally and through my business. It’s so important to give back when you can!

9. For those special items, try checking into consignment stores near you or host a clothing swap party with your friends. Just another excuse to get the girls together for a night of fashion and fun!

10. Last, but certainly not least, take time throughout the year to stay organized, a fabulous closet is a beautiful thing!


What are your favorite spring cleaning tips?