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Ahh, spring! Smells like salty air, fresh-cut flowers, and…margaritas? Yes, that’s it! Since this time of year is so refreshing and rejuvenating, I wanted to share some tips on how to enjoy the upcoming sunny season, Rhonda-style! So, I’m going to run through my idea of the perfect spring day! And remember, get creative! Take these ideas and make them your own! After all, we’ve all got our own tastes and preferences. Let’s get to it, from what to eat, to what to drink, to where to play. Ready? Set? Here we go!

The Right Stuff (aka, food!)

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Start satisfying your tummy with some fantastic munchie-type foods. Antipasto or charcuterie are great for a spring fling; light, fulfilling, and delicious! Pick your favorite meats, cheeses, olives, and fresh bread, and serve them as the pre-game. This idea is a great alternative to the typical pre-meal appetizers. And, if you have company, they’ll love it, too!

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The main course can be both heavy and light, if you do it right! Think of things you can make in bulk, for a couple of reasons: 1) you’ll have leftovers 2) it’s easier! A good, warm pasta with light meat sauce can be the perfect addition to a spring get together! Or, go cool with a cold pasta salad, instead. Either way, you and your company will be fully satisfied. (until dessert, of course)

Thirst Quenchers

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Like any southern gal, I love a good drink! For a full menu of my favorite spring cocktails, click here. But, for those who prefer something non-alcoholic, try using club soda as a base (over ice) and add fresh fruit to it. This can be done with water, too!

Fun In The Sun

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Within reason, spend time outdoors! Since I’m a little bit of a home-body, I like to lounge near the pool, or on our back porch. Whether you’re spending the day solo or enjoying it with friends and family, here’s a list of outdoor activities you’ll have a blast with.