France knows fashion. That’s why it’s no surprise that the trendy, bandeau bra’s name comes from the République word meaning “strip of cloth.” Innovative designs aside, you’ve got to hand it to the French for making simplicity sound sexy. And that’s just the appeal of this unassuming underwear: it’s effortless and exciting all at once.

The bandeau’s chic, yet classic cut paired with my perfect-fit collection makes this bra more than just another strapless style; here’s where you’ll find the difference:

Choosing Seamless, Strapless Styles

When it comes to sparse ensembles, most women want a complementary, barely-there bra that gives a graceful boost. Unlike your typical strapless bras that add lines and bulky layers beneath slinky dresses, bandeaus conform to your shape to covertly smooth and lift – no bra bulge here.

My seamless styles come with underwire tucked just above a supportive band, so hard lines never show like a traditional strapless bra. The Ahh Angel Seamless Bandeau Bra and Seamless Underwire Bandeau with Removable Pad offer light lift with subtle shaping so you’ll never sport the uni-boob as with other bandeau looks.


Discovering the Art of Peek-a-Boo Chic

The bandeau is all about versatility. While it’s perfect for no-show style under strappy gowns, it also lends a little spice to sheer blouses or wide-cut tanks for modest, yet showy support. In this way, the bra becomes the fashion accessory, adding edge to an otherwise delicate ensemble. Standard strapless bras look too much like lingerie, which can make your attempt at an adventurous outfit tacky instead of trendy.

Playful peek-a-boo looks pair well with patterned and textured bandeaus like my Camera Animal Bandeau Bra or Action Sequin Bandeau Bra that provide enough coverage to keep your daring style sexy.


Slipping Into All-Day Comfort

The best part about bandeaus? The slip-on style, of course. Your average strapless will definitely dig and scratch with elaborate, complicated hook-and-eye closures. My bandeaus, however, feature pullover or step-in styling, which means they’re perfect-fit ready. The silicone stripping on the underwire-free options hold your bra in place so you’re never faced with uncomfortable (or awkward) adjustments.

Ultimately, the seamlessness, comfort, and versatility of the bandeau bra outperform the wire-heavy, conspicuous strapless anytime.

How do you stealthily spice up sexy ensembles that call for strapless? Share your secrets with us.

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