If you’re like me, you love food and you love the holidays! The two are basically joined at the hip (or wishbone, in this case). Where there are holidays, there’s food and where there’s food, it’s probably a holiday. With Thanksgiving dinner taking place this week, I thought it might be a good time to talk about style tips for the big day!

After all, wouldn’t it be a dream to enjoy the feast without worrying about the aftermath?

Tip 1

Shape Wear, for the win!

Like I always say, foundation is where fashion starts! Start to build your look with shape wear that hugs in all the right places. Go with pieces like a camisole, leggings, or a full-body shaper. Whatever style you go with, shape wear as your bottom layer is the way to go!

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Tip 2

Layers are your friends!

Over your shape wear, go with a less fitting option like the Slub Pullover Sweater or the Long Sleeve Comfort Wrap. Wraps, sweaters, cardigans, and jackets are all good picks for your second or third piece! 

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Tip 3

Empire waists, work!

A higher waist-line with a lose fit below offers a pleasing physique! Try something like my Button Front Maxi Dress, or check out these options.


Tip 4

Don’t hold back!

No matter what, we all have to remember that holidays are meant to be savored and enjoyed. So, regardless of your style choice, the most important tip to remember is to have fun. After all, you only live once!