I have spent my whole life in front of cameras as a New Orleans beauty queen, model, actress, and TV personality! Needless to say, a million photos later I’ve learned how to pull off a pose at any age, in any crazy costume, and on any occasion. Here are some of my tips to turn heads on camera and otherwise!
-SMILE! A genuine smile is a beautiful thing and goes a long way to make you look fantastic in a photo….
-Stand up straight, shoulders back, point that toe… and check you out! Confidence does great things for your look whether you are competing in a beauty pageant or taking a new Facebook profile picture!
-Dress for your shape! Not everything looks perfect on every shape. Be honest about your size, find flattering  undergarments to start your outfit off right, and stick to colors and cuts that enhance your assets and are comfortable- on you!
-Shoot from above! I started doing this and will never go back.
- Know your angles! Look through pictures of yourself and find your favorites… Chances are you have a few angles that you always pick out- because you look awesome with that over the shoulder flirty smile angle….
I hope you have fun rocking these tips on the red carpet or at that summertime BBQ down the street!