As some of you may know I have been dancing my entire life, and am so excited to be participating in Tampa Bay’s Dancing with the Stars 2013! Growing up in New Orleans as a pageant girl, dancing was always part of my act, I took classes, and was even a cheerleader…


When I moved to Hollywood in search of new opportunities I used my background in dance to land roles on game shows, at live events, and as an actress in movies and sitcoms! As the late night hostess of USA:Up All Night I frequently visited night clubs, hosted famous performers, and did my fair share of dancing in my bedroom set. Here is an old casting card I dug up:


Below you can see me dancing on “Dance Fever”, doing a flexibility routine on “The Gong Show”, and preforming in the air on “Circus of the Stars”!

Learn about the Tampa Bay DWTS event here: http://dancingforcharity.com/ and Vote for Rhonda! Proceeds go to CASA (Center Against Spousal Abuse), Frankie’s Friends Pet Foundation (which provides treatment and care for injured pets), Florida Hospital Heart Institute, Powerstories Theatre, SPCA (pet rescue), and The Spring (against domestic violence). I am so excited to be involved in this year’s event, and thrilled to be back in my dancing shoes- Hooray for exercise I actually enjoy! I meet my partner next week and will be sure to share more as we get closer to the event!