For those of you who might not know, I am a HUGE dog lover. Well, actually, I love animals, in general. But at our house, dogs pretty much run the show! Up until this year, we had our Sholf-Pack (Shear wolf pack) steady at four. As fate would have it, we were swept off our feet by a sweet little senior not too long ago, and are proud to be part of #TeamBrandy!

Here’s her story:

Brandy is a 10-year-old senior who was saved from a kill-shelter by the wonderful Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue! This was what the lovely people at the pet rescue wrote about Brandy, right before she came into our lives:

“No one has shown any interest in Brandy! How sad!!! She’s 10 years old and only 5 pounds!!! She is a little shy but she is very sweet and great with all dogs!!!! She was dumped at kill shelter with her pals and everyone was adopted but her because of her age. These are the dogs the public begs for PPPR to save and once saved it doesn’t end there, they need furever homes!!! Let’s get her adopted!!!!”


Van and I’s anniversary was right around this time, so we went to meet this sweet little girl. We instantly fell in love, and were ready to take Brandy home, on the spot! 


We adopted her shortly after the meet and greet, and were so excited to get her into her furever home, and give her all the love she deserves! Unfortunately, wherever Brandy had come from before being left at the kill-shelter, didn’t take very good care of her. We took her to the vet for a checkup, only to find she had quite a few health issues, some of which we didn’t know if she would live very long.

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There were seven tumors inside our tiny, five-pound baby. We didn’t know if they were cancerous or not, but beyond that, the vet warned us that because of her age and a heart condition, she might not withstand being put under for the surgery to remove the masses.

After a long talk with the vet, it was decided that Brandy was tough enough to get through the surgery. They removed the masses succesfull, but it would take days to get the results back to find out if she had cancer or now. When we got her home after the surgery, she wouldn’t eat or drink, and would barely get up and around. We were so, so worried for her. We just wanted her to know love and happiness, more than anything.


We took her back to the vet to find out she was dehydrated. The team there took really great care of her, and we had her back before we knew it. 

Although the surgery really drained her, she started to bounce back. She had been really shy with us at first, and was especially stand-offish with Van. But, she finally started to warm up to us and let us love her! And the best news? The masses weren’t cancerous!

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Today, Brandy rests well with her four, new siblings. She has even warmed up to Van, and lets him hold her and love on her. I can’t say enough good things about Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue and their amazing work to help save these precious babies. Thank you for helping us connect with Brandy and letting us give her the life she so deserves to have on this earth!

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If you have some spare change, please consider making a donation to Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue. If you can’t donate, please share their Facebook page with your friends and family, so that they might be able to help. No amount is too small! These babies can always use our help!