What Shapewear Can & Can't Do

You’ve probably heard me say “Foundation is where fashion starts!”. Chosen wisely, shapewear enhances any outfit. But while I may sometimes call it a miracle worker that helps make the most of every woman’s curve and minimizes the areas she chooses, shapewear is not plastic surgery. It’s an enhancer not the ticket to a new body. You don’t need that any way. Your body is beautiful. With shapewear it becomes even more so.

So let’s talk about what shapewear does and doesn’t do. Okay?

Shapewear Shapes and Enhances

Shapewear has come a long way, baby!

It no longer pinches and squeezes to the point you can’t breathe. With advances in fabrics, we’ve achieved maximum shaping with minimal discomfort. Good shapewear feels like a second layer of skin, something that holds but doesn’t bind; contours but doesn’t cut off circulation.

You can select spot pieces that target areas you want to minimize like your hips, derriere, and tummy with my Paris Illusion Power Mesh Longline. You can also bring a little control and support to your curves with a delicious piece like the Cheesecake Lace Mesh Bra.

Buying shapewear in your size is important. Going down a size doesn’t make you smaller. It makes you uncomfortable and prone to bulges, so select the right size and you’ll adore the firmer look and enhanced silhouette.

Isn’t it time you love your shape again?

Build a Shapewear Wardrobe

Just as you have different garments, not all shapewear accentuates and enhances the same way. You’ll want to build your shapewear wardrobe the same way you do an outerwear one. Basic pieces include a legging, try one of my favorites the Ahh Comfort Legging; a camisole, how about the smoothing comfort of the Dote on Dots Shaping Camisole; and a panty with control such as my Shear Control Panty. There’s shapewear available for any occasion.

There are also pieces that shape an entire area like the enchanting Embrace Lace Mesh Torso Shaper. This powerful number smoothes the tummy, hips, and back and comes up high on the back to avoid any unsightly bra bulge.

Loving your curves is easy when you build a wardrobe that enhances them.

Shapewear Doesn’t Change You

Some women look to shapewear to become someone else. Foundations won’t recreate your body by taking a size 12 to a size 2; and why would you want that? Embrace your curves with wardrobe pieces that enhance your natural beauty and shape, creating a firmer, more confident you.

Shapewear doesn’t take the place of a gym or replace the need for being mindful of what we’re putting in our bodies.

The enhancements of shapewear will make you feel sexy and able to take on anything. You’ll feel more confident in the way you look and stand up a bit straighter.

Stop trying to achieve someone else’s body and embrace the beautiful curves you have. Isn’t it time you started appreciating the sensuality of you?

Shop my selection of shapewear styles today and start building a wardrobe that will have you loving your curves again.